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With the advent of the information era, we human beings begin to explore ourselves deeper then before.

I believe art is an effective expression for self-discipline. So I urge myself to leave my comfort zone when it comes to art. Jewellery is my favourite. However, designing and making a jewellery piece is not easy, it needs nights to rock the brain and have repeated definition. It also needs lots of manual exercises and the patience for problem solving.
Until the third year of studying at George Brown College, I started having a hunger for designing and making jewellery. The first two years at George Brown College I focused on building basic goldsmith skills. Then I started using my imagination and creativity to make something out out of this creativity. That kind of achievement is what I did not experienced before. It opens a new window for me to look at the world in a new way.

I think I found a new way to enrich myself in the following life.